Our Process

Our As-Built Methods and Technology

Stress Free Process, Top-Tier Results

Obtaining as-built drawings has never been more efficient. As the measuring tools and data collection techniques continue to evolve, so do the methods designed to help obtain the most accurate documentation. 

Whether providing CAD or BIM Revit© drawings, our team of experienced and talented as-builders are well versed in producing detailed, accurate as-builts of a highly regarded and high quality level.

We will evaluate and determine the specific requirements and unique site conditions of a project and determine which, or all of the technical tools we will use in your as-built drawings. We pride ourselves on making the as-built process stress free and take care of all of the work so that you don’t have to. 

BIM Revit© 3D Lasers & Models

Providing enhanced details and hyper-accurate drawings

As the as-built industry has been leaning more towards 3D models, we’ve started utilizing innovative 3D lasers as part of our daily workflow. 3D lasers have been a game changer for the industry as it allows for less time required on the site of a project, and more time invested into producing the models back at our offices. With less time required on site to obtain the necessary data, the roadblock of not being able to access certain buildings after hours is no longer an issue, which is very convenient for our clients. The 3D scanner also allows us to be more versatile in the detailed and accurate 3D models we produce. 

CAD Drawings

Drafting On Site With reliable technology 

Trusted methodologies and reliable technology

Fog City continues to see a great value in the traditional use of onsite measurements and drafting in real time through the use of laser and mobile CAD stations, which assist in creating accurate and detailed as-built drawings. Depending on the scope of the project at hand, our technicians use the traditional as-built technology to produce high quality as-built drawings while using measurers, scanners, and drafting tools. This process requires an in-depth and timely scan of the entire property to ensure that all necessary data is generated.

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