Precise and Rapid As-Built Documentation

Obtaining quality as-built drawings is crucial for architects and building owners who are planning to have a residential or commercial property undergo construction or renovations. 

Measured drawings and existing condition drawings are the essential first step on the journey to the completed project. 

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Streamline The Process

New World Technology

Staying on top of the latest advances in tools and software in order to provide clients with the highest quality of work is key to the success of our business. As technology advances, so does the practicality and the processes of as-built documentation.

Delivering rapid, affordable and precise as-built documentation to clients is our top priority.

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The Art of Strong Client Relationships

Old World Service

Client satisfaction and comfort has always been our top priority. While the art of a great business-client relationship may have lost its luster as time has passed, we are committed to keeping that notion alive. 

We honor this commitment by taking the time to forge long-lasting and trusted relationships with each of our clients, while treating each job as a unique set of existing conditions.