Discover the Work of Fog City As-builts

All of our as-built projects are unique in their own right, and were designed to fit the needs of the clients we are working with. From residential properties, to commercial, we are committed to being respectful of your schedule and punctual with ours.

Our non-intrusive approach puts us ahead of the competition in terms of providing the quickest and most thorough as-built designs, while remaining respectful of your property, children, and pets.

Residential Portfolio

Our team of professionals have measured thousands of residences from small Sunset duplexes, to multi-level Pacific Heights mansions.

Commercial Portfolio

We acknowledge the complexities that come with working on an as-built project that includes multiple tenants, security issues, unusual hours, and unoccupied buildings.

3-Dimensional Drawings

Fog City As-builts has been a constant and enthusiastic participant in the industry's gradual shift from 2D to 3D As-builts.